Simple, yet playful this design will soon become your favourite!  By combining a matt turquoise glaze with a runny, glossy green glaze the dots become slightly 'fuzzy' around the edges, which has inspired the name of this collection.


These Soap Dishes come in two sizes:


Small - approx 6.5cm x 10cm
Medium - approx 9.5cm x 13cm


Each soap dish is made from a single piece of clay, which has been rolled, cut to size and pushed into foam using a home made plaster mould.  Five small holes are then pierced into the middle and four little feet attached to the bottom of the soap dish to allow for excess water to drain off to keep your soap dry.  I have used a rustic stoneware clay to make sure they are tough enough for everyday use by a kitchen sink or in family bathroom and are suitable for the dishwasher (and microwave if required). 


Each item is hand made, and measurements are approximate and will vary from pot to pot. I make small batches of each item, and there will also be slight variations in the glazes, sizes and decoration from batch to batch. This is the nature and handmade pottery and means that each item is unique..




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LYCHEE Soap Dish


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