Wheel thrown mug showing the adorable face of a Basset Hound.  Handpainted with ceramic underglaze on a smooth white stoneware clay and the phrase 'Basset Owned'.  This mug is suitable for dishwasher and microwave.  And if you 'own' a Basset Hound, you know what it's like to be 'Basset Owned'

'Bertie' Basset Hound Stoneware Mug


With a height of 9 cm and 9 cm wide this is a sturdy mug that sits firmly on a wide bottom (like a Basset...).  Each mug comfortably holds 300ml (1/2 pint) - just the right size for a proper brew.  

***Each item is hand made, and measurements are approximate and will vary from mug to mug.  I make small batches of each item, and there will also be slight variations in the glazes, sizes and decoration from batch to batch.  This is the nature and handmade pottery and means that each item is unique.***

Connie Taylor

Rutland, United Kingdom

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