Connie loves working on her pottery wheel, and most of her pieces are 'thrown' (the technique of making pots on the wheel).  You will find that her work is very varied, because clay is such a versatile medium and there are so many different ways in decorating and enhancing a pot that she finds it hard to only use a few of them.



Stoneware is a type of fired ceramics, which becomes impermeable and partly vitrified by heat.  It is more durable and tough enough for everyday items.



The carving or piercing of leather hard clay is also known as 'devil's work' and is usually done with hole cutters and scalpels.  The more clay is cut away the more striking the final piece - and the bigger the risk of breaking, cracking or splitting during drying and firing.

Connie Taylor

Rutland, United Kingdom

+44 7985600063

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