Playing with Light and Shade

Early on in her work Connie used pieces of different material to press into wet clay - lace, tatting, fabric she knitted and crocheted herself - to create texture in her ceramics.  One day she cut out sections within those patterns. Initially only cutting sections of her ceramics, ie the rim of a bowl, the carving of whole pots soon followed.  

Inspired by floral and geometric textile design and patterns Connie now uses clay to create her own play with light and shade.  



Inspired by a paper-cut greeting card roses were Connie's first design she carved into her pots.  

Unlike her other patterns Connie cuts them completely free-hand, without templates or sketching on the pot.  The shape of the pot and the pattern determine the flow and the result is always completely unique to that one piece.  


Delicate petals wrapped around the centre.  Delicately cut free-hand.


Strength.  Growth. Life. Casting shadows on the wall..



The patterns of light and shade created by leaves and blades of grass in the glow of the setting sun

Connie Taylor

Rutland, United Kingdom

+44 7985600063

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